How I work

Clear communication is essential to any productive relationship. One of my primary strengths is understanding my clients’ needs and wants. Big changes are exciting, but they can also stir up an assortment of emotions. I will be there to provide you with answers, advice, and information that can offer comfort and peace of mind.

When you work with me, you’ll be well informed on all aspects of your transaction. If this is your first experience entering the real estate market, I can walk you through the process, explain real estate lingo and financial terminology, and help you discover that perfect neighborhood. Or perhaps you've bought and sold homes before and are looking for an upgraded experience. I will be there to facilitate the process and keep things humming along smoothly.

My experience & territories

I have been a Realtor in the East Bay since 2003, when I transitioned from my prior career in wine sales and marketing. My years in customer service were the perfect preparation for working in real estate, honing my listening skills and teaching me the rewards of persistence. I’m consistently one of the top producers at my brokerage, and I enjoy applying my experience to guide my clients through an ever-changing market.

I love the diversity that the East Bay offers, and I particularly enjoy helping prospective home buyers discover neighborhoods that will be a great fit for them. If you’re interested in looking outside of these communities, contact me; if I can’t help you, I will gladly refer you to an agent who specializes in your area of choice.

I’ve attended hundreds of inspections and can quickly assess potential issues and help prioritize the right course of action. As a homeowner, I’ve tackled many of my own remodeling projects. I know that not everyone wants to be a designer or contractor, so I keep an extensive list of top-flight professionals at the ready, from electricians and repair people to stagers and movers. I can assist you on a range of home-related matters, from preparing your home for sale to helping you personalize your new home before you move in. 

Getting personal

I grew up in Northern Minnesota, which really makes me appreciate the long growing season here. I designed, built, and maintain a small but substantial edible garden and nearly always have something to be harvested. It’s nothing compared to my mother’s nearly half-acre of vegetables, but fortunately with our wonderful local farmers’ markets, I don’t need to grow and preserve everything we eat. However, I’m currently obsessed with making fermented foods like kim chee and sauerkraut, and always have a fresh batch of something going. Ask me about my latest concoction and watch me light up! 

I do some of my best thinking early in the morning, during exercise or while hiking. I know the trails and get out on them every chance I get. I’m always amazed at how far a girl can go with just a good pair of shoes, some trail mix, and water. I love introducing people to new hikes and places to explore. 

I met my husband of 15 years when we were both in the wine business. Fortunately for us both, he still works in that industry, so our cellar stays amply stocked. It’s never-ending research and development—tough job, as they say, but someone has to do it! 

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